[PassionCat] EZ Bong Eyeliner Review

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Eyeliner Like a Tattoo with BONG tip! One-Touch Waterline Liner! Direct-Dispense without Drying! Soft and Flexible BONG tip! 

Smooth Application: Soft and Flexible Bong tips Easy on Your Eyes with One-Stroke Drawing And Allows to Freely Control Desired Thickness of Lines

 ‘Ink-Tank’ Mechanism as a Fountain Pen 
+ Double Walled Cap for NO More Drying Tip!!

Q. What is Ink-Tank System?
A. Just Like a Fountain Pen’s Cartridge,The Ink is Directly Filled and Delivered to the Tip Without Any Filter Inside.

Q. Why is Ink-Tank Great?
A. You Can Enjoy Intense Pigmented Color with Great Color Payoff from the Beginning til the End of Use without Fading or Drying.

eyeliner, ezbong eyeliner, passioncat
eyeliner, ezbong eyeliner, passioncat


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